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Founder & Owner of P.A.D.

I have been training and coaching in the fitness industry since 2013, after discovering for myself how it effects almost every part of a man's life. I genuinely love what I do, and I love the fitness lifestyle.

The discipline and mental toughness I learned through my own journey is what I seek to impart to other guys.  It changes lives.

I believe our society is in great need of a revival of classic masculinity.  Men who care for, protect, and provide for our families and neighborhoods.  Men are, in my view, weaker (in many ways) now than we have been in decades.  I started P.A.D. as a way to rebuild that classic Man, through fitness.  Mental toughness, discipline, humility, quiet strength.

John Khanjian


Bodyweight Training



We bring the gym to you! 

We offer the flexibility to workout how YOU want.

Choose when and where and you're good to go


We offer many different programs such as bodyweight training, Strongman, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training, Olympic Lifting, Nutrition Coaching, Partner and Small-group sessions.  

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